Kranidi Unique Features


This extra virgin olive oil, “Evgenes”, is the pride of Argolis, in Peloponnese. Every year there is a strict selection policy between dozens of Greek olive oil producers in Kranidi of Argolis, and only those with olive oils are chosen to supply us with their olive oil. By now you must be wondering what Kranidi is; well it is a region in Argolis which has been inhabited for more than 4500 years and it is well-known for its olive oil. The people of Kranidi started the cultivation of olive trees about 3000 B.C; through time and hard work the regional specialization around the olive tree has made their olive oil the undisputed champion of taste and quality. This olive oil, already registered as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product by the European Union, comes from the Koronian olives, which are renowned for their spicy- peppery taste. In addition, Koronian olives produce extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.8% FFA. More specifically, ”Evgenes” acidity reaches 0.2 to 0.3% FFA, which makes it an extra virgin olive oil. The bottle you are holding in your hands has an actual acidity of 0.28% FFA

Our oil is pressed within a few hours, and certainly not exceeding 12 hours after the harvest. The pressing to extract the oil happens quickly and at a controlled temperature of less than 80 degrees F, classifying our olive oil as cold pressed. Then our freshly pressed oil is filtered, stored in stainless steel containers and is saturated with an inactive gas until bottling. Additionally, before the bottling a scientific check is always required in order to verify the chemical and organic characteristics of the oil. Finally professional experts are responsible for tasting our olive oil by randomly selecting bottles at the end of the Bottling process in order to evaluate the flavor and sensory aspects of our product.


Evgenes has been designed with environmental and sustainability consciousness. In order to suggest superior quality, Evgenes uses the colours of gold black and white, while the front part of the label is gilded. Also Evgenes is produced under a strict code of honour, towards the quality of the olive oil used (low acidity and supreme taste) and the limited number of bottles produced. In ancient Greek Evgenes has multiple meanings such as noble, polite and gentle, whereas in modern English Evgenes is translated to “Eugene” which means wellborn.


Evgenes extra virgin olive oil aims at the lowest sustainable profit given its high production cost. Thus it sets its “entry price” at 5,00 euros per bottle of 750ml and 21euros for the 5 litres tin can (ex factory price). The above pricing is half of the corresponding products in the olive oil market, and at the same time competitive against a great proportion of mid-range extra virgin olive oils